Live Chat Revamp!

Live Chat Revamp!

Some of you may have noticed that we have been trialling a new change to our support system which we use within VoltHosting. We are thrilled to announce a massive upgrade to our live chat system, packed with new features designed to enhance your experience and make support easier and more efficient than before.
Here are some of the helpful new features you can now enjoy:

Automatic Identity Verification
No more ticket submissions for account actions! Our live chat now automatically verifies your identity if you are logged in to the VoltHosting client area. This means you can perform all necessary actions directly through the live chat, securely and seamlessly, rather than being asked to submit a ticket for account actions.

Bilingual Support
No more language barriers! Our live chat system now automatically translates conversations into your native language, allowing you to communicate in the language you’re most comfortable with.

Flowing Conversation
Our live chat now saves your conversation and links it to your account, allowing you to continue where you left off, anytime, from any device. Whether you get disconnected or need to step away, your conversation will pick up right where you left off.

Expanded Team Expertise
We’ve increased our live chat team with specialists in specific areas such as Fivem. This means faster, more accurate support tailored to your specific needs.

Multi-Platform Integration
We’ve integrated popular platforms like WhatsApp, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and more into our live chat system. You can now reach out to us from the platform that’s most convenient for you, ensuring a seamless support experience across multiple channels.

Calling and Screen Sharing
Our live chat now supports calling and screen sharing, making it easier for you to get real-time assistance. Whether you need to discuss complex issues or show our support team exactly what you’re seeing, this allows us to help you with your exact issue or question.

And Much, Much More!
These are just a few of the many enhancements we've implemented to improve our support system. With new improvements coming this month, this is only the first of our revamp!

We are committed to providing the best support to our clients. Our previous live chat system couldn’t support any of these amazing features, making this upgrade a huge leap forward.

Thank you for choosing VoltHosting. We look forward to assisting you with our new and improved live chat system!

If you want to say hi, open a live chat now!

I hope to be talking to some of you soon!

Kind Regards,
Rowan Scott
Managing Director