Announcing ~3.5Tbps DDoS Mitigation on our network edge!

Announcing ~3.5Tbps DDoS Mitigation on our network edge!

Previously, with Voxility, we achieved an overall capacity of 1.5Tbps of filtered traffic to our clients. Now, we reach a collective DDoS filtering capacity of ~3.5Tbps on our network edge.

Path, our new DDoS mitigation partner, is one of the largest mitigation platforms out there. They have one of the largest layer 3 though 7 monitoring and mitigation platforms out there. Path's advanced security AI detects and mitigates any type of DDoS attack against any type of service. This state of the art technology tracks previously known DDoS attack vectors while simultaneously constructing your service’s unique traffic signatures to instantly identify and mitigate zero-day attacks.

Traffic is inspected by Path's detection AI to ensure that there are no false positives. The seamless integration of the filtering ensures that nobody ever has to experience tedious landing pages or captcha verifications that most of our competitors rely on for mitigation.

We hope that this new network upgrade allows you to use our services at ease, without the worry of a large attack taking you down. Our client experience is our top priority - this is why we never cease to stop innovating.
User experience is at the centre of everything we do here at VoltHosting.

Thank you for choosing VoltHosting to be your hosting provider!