Discord security & Policy updates

Unfortunately due to times changing and discord becoming a more unsafe platform everyday we will no longer permit you to share any details of a sensitive nature with us via discord. Whether that be via a discord ticket, group chat or a direct message to either myself or Rowan effective immediately. Whilst we will never send sensitive information to you over discord, there have been cases of customers doing this. For the safety of your services, we will no longer allow you to do this.
Here at VoltHosting your data security is our number one priority!
This policy change mitigates any risk to your VoltHosting services if your discord account is compromised, giving you peace of mind.

The only platforms we will allow details of a sensitive nature to be shared with us are listed as the following:
Live chat
Telephone: +44 330 229 2048 | +1 (213) 600-0424
Tickets on the client area

Tips to keep your discord account safe:
Do not share your passwords, authentication codes / backup codes with anyone.
Do not click on any links promising free nitro, Steam gift cards and free money.
Do not enter your password to authorise yourself into a server via a authentication bot.
Steam / Discord will never contact you via discord to verify your account or make changes to your account. If you receive a dm report it to discord and block the user.
If you receive a file and someone asks you to download it and run the file or to test their plugin, game, cheats etc. even if it is someone you consider your "friend", take a moment to think about if someone is willing to give you something like that for free to "try" it out.. If you are not 100% certain do not run it.

Do not worry we will still offer support via discord, but all details of a sensitive nature will be required to be sent to us over the secure methods listed above.

Many thanks,
The VoltHosting Team